True oyster harvesting experience with Isozaki fishermen in Matsushima townTrue oyster harvest experience

Time required: 2 hours

Experience harvesting true Matsushima oysters with people from Japan and abroad

Nowadays, the number of successors to cultivating true oysters is decreasing due to the aging of the population, and Matsushima Town's true oysters are a small brand that is said to be the most delicious in Japan, so it is necessary to continue to pass on this tradition. We would like you to come to Matsushima Town and experience harvesting true oysters. In addition to the harvesting experience, there are many things you can do to grow true oysters throughout the year, such as making oyster shelves after harvest, so please take advantage of it.

captain Matsushima Town Isozaki Makoto Oyster Farming Workers (Nishimura)
guide The Matsu Island Secretariat (Akama)