True oyster farming racks and the year-long processA process of true oyster farming shelf and one year

Oyster farming in Matsushima Town is carried out using the simple hanging method.

Oysters in Matsushima Town are farmed using the simple hanging method. (because the water depth is shallow)
1. A piece of bamboo (approx. 7.5 meters long) is stuck into the sea (approx. 3 meters).
   Poke about 16 pieces of bamboo on one side, spaced vertically, and then on the left and right sides (total of about 32 pieces), and make seeds (15 lengths, about 50 meters, and horizontal oak trees, about 7 shaku, 2.1 meters). Hang 10 to 11 master discs with . Approximately 10 to 13 master discs are connected to each disc.
2. The place for cultivating seed oysters is Oyster Community Fishing Rights No. 3201-3218, Matsushima Town's oyster seed farming regulations, and the Isozaki area is No. 3207.
Fresh water from the Takagi River that flows through Matsushima Town interacts with seawater from Matsushima Bay, and the water temperature is approximately 17°C to 27°C, which is suitable for oyster growth as it contains a lot of phytoplankton.

The year-long process of producing true oysters in Matsushima Town

January oyster harvest
February oyster harvest
March oyster harvest
April Master connection (using scallop shells)
May pseudopropagation, shelf making
June Exporting the master disk that has been propagated on the shelf
July Ship repair or oyster shelf inspection, etc.
August Ship repair or oyster shelf inspection, etc.
September Toward the end of the year, oyster harvest begins.
October oyster harvest
November oyster harvest
December oyster harvest