About The Matsu IslandAbout Matsu Island

Throughout the year, people from both Japan and abroad can experience harvesting Matsushima Town Isozaki fishermen and Matsushima Town true oysters.
Currently, the number of successors to cultivating true oysters is decreasing due to the aging of the population, and Matsushima Town's true oysters are small and are said to be the best-tasting brand oysters in Japan, so it is necessary to continue to pass on this tradition.
We hope that you will come to Matsushima Town and experience harvesting true oysters.In addition to harvesting, you will also be able to participate in activities throughout the year, such as making oyster racks after harvest.
In addition, we will guide you to Ojima, a sacred place that is famous for the moon and has many rock caves with Buddhist statues, and you will also have the opportunity to visit Murasaki Shrine, the guardian deity of the town, which is located in Matsushima, one of Japan's three most scenic spots.
The Matsu Island Secretariat offers experiences by local fishermen and local guides who are actually engaged in the fishing industry in Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, as well as guided tours of the sacred place Ojima and Murasaki Shrine, giving many people special experiences that cannot be experienced on tours. I would like you to do this. Please feel free to contact us and participate.