Application feefee

schedule 8:30 Meet at Isozaki fishing port
9:00 Depart from Isozaki Fishing Port Experience raising oysters with the captain and guide on the fishing boat
11:00 Walk through the history of Ojima with a guide
12:00 Move to Murasaki Shrine to worship and open the mikoshi hall
12:30 After lunch, dismissal
Capacity 6 people ~ Please contact us for the maximum number of people.
time 9:00-13:00

1 person, meal included: 10,000 yen (tax included)

Regarding refunds If we are unable to operate the boat due to bad weather, we will refund the fee.
Application deadline Please call us from 20 days before your application date to the morning of the day before.
We may not be able to accept your reservation due to other reservations, so please apply as soon as possible if your schedule is confirmed.
About payment Please pay in cash on the day or transfer to the account below.
Payment by various cards is not possible.
payment account [Bank name] 77 Bank Matsushima Branch
[Store code] 303
[Account number] Ordinary 5009590
[Account holder] The.Matsu Island Junichi Akama